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Coal Ash Kills Wildlife -- Tell EPA to Act Now

Home destroyed by coal-ash spill

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Across the country, unregulated coal ash is poisoning endangered species and human communities. Burning coal for electricity generates more than 130 million tons of toxic waste each year, and there are no federal guidelines regulating the disposal of this poisonous waste. The contaminants in coal ash -- including arsenic, lead and mercury -- cause cancer and neurological damage in wildlife and humans.

There are around 2,000 coal-ash dump sites across the nation, hundreds of which are known to be poisoning downstream wildlife and drinking-water supplies. In addition to continually leaching poisons, unregulated coal-ash dumps are disasters waiting to happen. In December 2008, a faulty coal-ash pond in Tennessee ruptured, flooding homes and rivers with more than two million pounds of toxic pollutants.

Industry is pressuring the EPA to treat coal ash as household garbage so that they can continue dumping it as they please.
Please submit a comment to the EPA today demanding that it follow science rather than industry pressure and treat coal ash as the hazardous waste it is.

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Please submit comments by November 19, 2010.

Photo by Dot Griffith.