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Tell Secretary Salazar Not to Pull the Plug on Wolf Protections

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The Washington Post reported Monday that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar supports federal legislation to remove Endangered Species Act protection from wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains. Depending on the bill, wolves could lose protection in only Montana and Idaho, all of the northern Rockies, or even across the entire United States.

Wyoming would have wolves shot on sight in 90 percent of the state and both Montana and Idaho are set to drastically reduce wolf populations.

Never before has Congress exempted a species from the Act's protections. Should Congress exempt wolves, it would set a dangerous precedent whereby species could be legislated to extinction for political expediency.

Such a blatantly political approach would upend the legal and biological principle that taking a species off the endangered species list should only occur with solid scientific backing, which has not yet been mustered for northern Rockies wolves.

Send the letter below to tell President Obama and your senators to protect wolves and ensure the integrity of the Endangered Species Act. Add your voice to this urgent action today:
Don't exempt our wolves from protection, and hands off the Endangered Species Act.

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Gray wolf photo courtesy USFWS.

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Click here to read the Washington Post article on Salazar's support of plans to remove wolves' Endangered Species Act protections.