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Clearcuts for the Climate?

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On December 16, the California Air Resources Board will consider adopting a disastrous cap-and-trade program under AB 32, California's effort to combat climate change by reducing statewide greenhouse gas emissions.

The program would allow industrial polluters to avoid reducing their own greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing carbon "offset credits" -- many of which could come from forest management projects that allow clearcutting. The proposal would also allow industrial polluters to avoid greenhouse gas emissions limits by burning forest "biomass" -- including whole, live trees -- instead of fossil fuels, encouraging logging of California's forests and increasing overall greenhouse gas emissions.

These provisions are no solution to climate change and further threaten forest ecosystems and wildlife already at risk from global warming. Clearcuts and tree-burning power plants must not be allowed to become the face of California’s effort to fight global warming.
Please join the Center for Biological Diversity in calling on the California Air Resources Board to ensure that California's efforts to fight global warming include the protection of forests and the wildlife that depend on them. The board needs to hear from you today; comments must be submitted by noon on December 15.

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Clearcut photo courtesy Flickr Commons/Koocheekoo.

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