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Change Rattlesnake Roundups to Humane Festivals

Eastern diamondback rattlesnake

"Rattlesnake roundups" are cruel contests where hunters bring in as many wild snakes as they can catch in a year; afterwards the snakes are slaughtered and sold for their skin and meat.

They're a serious problem -- one that many people don't even know exist. Roundups in the Southeast, for example, are driving sharp declines of the eastern diamondback rattlesnake, which is the target of contests in Whigham, Ga., and Opp, Ala. In response to a Center petition, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service found that eastern diamondbacks may now need Endangered Species Act protection.

Across the country rattlers play a key role in the food web, especially in terms of rodent control. And because hunters often use gasoline to drive snakes from their dens, roundups are also harmful to hundreds of other species that share their homes with the snakes. In Texas, 20 endangered species living underground can be harmed by suffocating gas fumes, which is why the Center recently petitioned to end "gassing" of Texas snake dens.

Please sign our petition asking communities to change their roundups to festivals where snakes are celebrated and admired -- not hunted and killed.

We, the undersigned, are writing to urge you to change the rattlesnake roundup held in your community to a humane festival where snakes are not hunted or killed. Towns such as Claxton, Ga., have already changed their roundups to successful wildlife festivals that generate income for their communities. We urge you to follow their example and change your roundup to an event where snakes are not collected or slaughtered.
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67930 Mon Dec 05 21:06:04 EST 2016 Marija Minic Las Vegas, NV , US
67929 Sun Dec 04 11:37:11 EST 2016 Geneine Payne Canton, GA , US
67928 Sun Dec 04 08:56:08 EST 2016 Cherry Clucas Loule, PT+09 , PT
67927 Tue Nov 29 20:44:31 EST 2016 Sophie Swirczynski Eugene, OR , US
67926 Tue Nov 29 20:23:41 EST 2016 Irena Franchi SIB, FL , US
67925 Fri Nov 25 16:42:39 EST 2016 Fernando Pueblo San Diego, CA , US
67924 Fri Nov 25 15:14:13 EST 2016 Alisa Adobajor Moscow, RU+48 , RU
67923 Thu Nov 24 13:06:45 EST 2016 Matt Maras Cincinnati, OH , US
67922 Thu Nov 24 04:09:42 EST 2016 James Sullivan Chicago, IL , US
67921 Wed Nov 23 20:08:17 EST 2016 Barry Bennett Fayetteville, AR , US
67920 Wed Nov 23 16:31:46 EST 2016 sara sexton TX, TX , US
67919 Sun Nov 20 21:20:15 EST 2016 Dawn Hostetler Phoenix, AZ , US
67918 Fri Nov 18 16:33:41 EST 2016 A Martin Texas, TX , US
67917 Fri Nov 18 11:51:56 EST 2016 Jere Wilkerson Monterey, CA , US
67916 Thu Nov 17 17:17:21 EST 2016 sara sexton TX, TX , US
67915 Tue Nov 15 09:50:50 EST 2016 Mariangela Monterisi Bisceglie, ot , IT
67914 Sun Nov 13 02:29:54 EST 2016 Claire Chambers CA, CA , US
67913 Fri Nov 11 22:37:58 EST 2016 Tessa Love Oakland, CA , US
67912 Fri Nov 11 08:49:28 EST 2016 sara sexton TX, TX , US
67911 Fri Nov 11 07:13:29 EST 2016 Luise Frech Heilbronn, DE+01 , DE
67910 Thu Nov 10 22:25:47 EST 2016 Samantha Briley Helena, AL , US
67909 Wed Nov 09 23:46:50 EST 2016 Geniece Medsker Rolla , MO , US
67908 Wed Nov 09 06:43:46 EST 2016 SUZANNE URSULA LEBON BAN PLASTIC USE HEMP New York, NY , CH
67907 Wed Nov 09 05:15:53 EST 2016 m. cecilia dallari Modena, ot , IT
67906 Tue Nov 08 18:15:30 EST 2016 charmaine macdonald None, MA+51 , MA
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Photo of eastern diamondback rattlesnake by D. Bruce Means.

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