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Don't Let Congress Roll Back 40 Years of Environmental Protections

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Republicans in Congress are attempting to repeal fundamental environmental protections by attaching hundreds of amendments to a stop-gap funding measure.

If they get their way, big polluters win free rein to foul our air and threaten our climate, Shell drills in the Arctic, and hunters and ranchers get to gun down wolves.

Need more reasons to call your senator to stop this assault? This bill would also:

- Undo progress made to curb destructive mountaintop-removal mining
by stopping the EPA from developing standards that list toxic coal ash as hazardous waste, reviewing water pollution issues, completing rules to protect streams from coal waste, and enforcing the Clean Water Act that governs required dredge and fill permits.

- Scrap plans for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to create a "climate service."

- Zero out U.S. funding for the Nobel-Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

- Stop the EPA from even collecting data on sources of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas pollutants.

If you only make one call to your senator this year,
this is the call you should make. Please call your senator today and tell them to scrap the House's abhorrent continuing resolution. Let them know you oppose any and all cutbacks or delay of Clean Air Act safeguards to curb greenhouse gas pollution, removing Endangered Species Act protection for the wolf, and all other rollbacks of our cornerstone environmental protections.

Call or write your U.S. senator today. Calling is best, but if you can't call, use the form below to send a letter.

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Smokestacks photo courtesy NASA.

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