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Final Push to Protect Grand Canyon From Uranium Pollution

In this video, author Craig Childs discusses the need to protect public lands from uranium mining.
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After more than two years of planning, and despite legislative threats from pro-uranium-mining interests in Congress, the Obama administration is on the brink of finalizing a ban on new uranium mining across 1 million acres of public land surrounding Grand Canyon National Park

The final environmental impact statement supports the ban; a decision finalizing those protections is expected in early December. This gives us one last opportunity to tell President Obama we support the ban.

A ban is urgently needed now because public lands near the Grand Canyon are ground zero for a new uranium mining boom. This mining would industrialize the landscape flanking the canyon, threatening to permanently pollute its aquifers and contaminate the biologically rich waters they feed -- including springs that harbor up to 500 times more species than adjacent lands.

Please use the form below to send an email voicing your support for protecting the Grand Canyon and its wildlife and surroundings.

A final decision on the Grand Canyon's protection could be made by Nov. 28, so please submit your letter by Friday, Nov. 25.

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Please take action by November 25, 2011.