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Help Halt Wolf Extermination Attempt in Congress

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The anti-wolf rider now attached to the budget bill would represent the first time that Congress has dictated which species receive protection and which do not -- a decision that the Endangered Species Act says must be made solely on the best available science. The delisting of wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains did not pass scientific muster, and the Center and our allies were repeatedly successful in proving that in court. 

In anticipation of wolf delisting, state legislators in Idaho are circulating drafts of legislation removing any state protections on wolves and imposing a $500 bounty for each dead wolf.

To keep wolves from mass slaughter, please contact your U.S. senators today. Phone calls are best, but you can also submit written comments using the form below.

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Please take action by March 18, 2011.

Gray wolf photo courtesy Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

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