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Budget Deal Sacrifices Wolves, Knifes Endangered Species Act

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Take action to stop the budget deal between Republicans and Democrats that would remove wolves from the endangered species list in Montana and Idaho -- and possibly Washington, Oregon and Utah as well.

Not only would the proposed wolf delisting rider leave the 1,270 wolves in Montana and Idaho -- and possibly the 37 wolves in Washington and Oregon -- permanently unprotected, but enacting this measure through legislation would set a horrific precedent to further undermine the Endangered Species Act by excluding other species on political whim and preventing environmental groups from being able to enforce the law.

The Center for Biological Diversity tried to head off the budget-bill rider by signing a difficult legal settlement with the Department of Interior. But with the rejection of that settlement by a federal judge, we now have only the slimmest hope of stopping this anti-wolf, anti-endangered-species, anti-democracy bill from going through. Please help us by taking action right now.
If the rider isn't stripped from the budget bill, the Idaho state government is committed to killing as many wolves as possible through methods that could include aerial gunning of radio-collared wolves, trapping and poisoning. In Oregon, where the eastern part of the state may be part of congressionally mandated wolf delisting, livestock interests are demanding "zero tolerance" and carte blanche to kill the state's two wolf packs.

Please send a message to the White House by filling out the form below, and call
President Obama at (202) 456-1111 to tell him to veto any budget that sacrifices wolves.

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Please take action by April 15, 2011.

Gray wolf photo courtesy USFWS.

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