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Take Action Now: Tell Congress to Stop Funding Wildlife Killing

Gray wolf
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The U.S. Department of Agriculture's "Wildlife Services" agency may be the most ironically named program in the federal lexicon, since it systematically and mercilessly destroys wildlife throughout the West.

The agency and its clientele have grown dependent, in particular, on funding to wage an endless and useless war against the wily coyote -- killing resident coyotes and opening a niche inevitably filled by newly arrived coyotes who are less likely to find natural prey and therefore all the more likely to turn to livestock.

After almost a century of federal funding amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars to eradicate wildlife, isn't it time to question why taxpayers should be footing such a repugnant bill? Please send an email right now to your representative in Congress.

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Gray wolf photo courtesy Flickr Commons/dalliedee.

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