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Sea otter eating shellfish
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Our leaders need to hear from you: We can't let acid oceans become a generation-defining crisis. Send a message to state and federal decision-makers to urge action to prevent ocean acidification.

Because of a lawsuit brought by the Center for Biological Diversity -- the first ever to address ocean acidification -- the Environmental Protection Agency has required the state of Washington to evaluate the impacts of ocean acidification on its coastal waters. However, in a shocking move, Washington's denying that there's any problem. Science says otherwise.

The impacts of ocean acidification are already impairing waters off the West Coast of the United States; scientists have found corrosive waters all along the coast, from Canada to Mexico. Wild oysters in Washington have failed to reproduce for the past six years, due in large part to acidification. A survey found Puget Sound's waters are in particular trouble.

So please: Tell EPA and the Washington Department of Ecology that they need to act now to protect our oceans and coasts.

Please fill out the form below. Personalizing your letter will give it more impact.

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Photo of sea otter eating shellfish courtesy NPS.

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