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Stop the Extinction Rider: Tell Congress to Save Species

Pacific walruses
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Urge Your Congressional Representative to Oppose Any Legislation Stripping Funding for Protecting Species and Their Habitat

On July 12, the Center for Biological Diversity reached a historic agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that commits the agency to move 757 highly imperiled species toward protection under the Endangered Species Act.

But this never-before-made promise to throw lifelines to hundreds of species is under threat from a legislative rider that would handcuff the Act. The rider prohibits the government from spending any money to list new species as endangered or designate their habitat critical. Funding, however, could still be used to remove species from the endangered list. Placed in the appropriations bill for funding the Interior Department by House Republicans, the bill has passed out of committee and is expected to see a full House vote next week. We need your help now to stop this species-dooming rider.

Dubbed the "extinction rider," the bill will place hundreds of our most imperiled species at greater risk of extinction, including the Pacific walrus in Alaska, Miami blue butterfly in Florida, American wolverine in the Rocky Mountains, Mexican gray wolf in the Southwest, and hundreds of others across the country.

Our time to act before the House votes is limited: Please contact your U.S. congressional representative right now using the form below and urge him or her to remove the "extinction rider" and to fully support the Endangered Species Act.

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Pacific walrus photo courtesy USFWS.

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