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Help Save Wyoming's Wolves

Gray Wolf
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Make a special gift now to save these wolves.

Please demand continued protection for Wyoming's wolves as the Obama administration proposes sacrificing them to a state management plan that allows their killing by any means, at any time, in 83 percent of the state.

Make a special gift now to save these wolves.

Even after protection for wolves in the rest of the northern Rockies was revoked last year, Wyoming's wolves remained protected because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service didn’t believe Wyoming's plan would ensure the survival of its wolf packs. Now the agency wants to accept a Wyoming "state wolf plan" that is almost identical to the one it rejected before.

Removal of protection will allow half of the 246 wolves outside Yellowstone National Park to be exterminated. The plan requires the state to maintain only 10 pairs and 100 wolves; a mere seven pairs, including around 97 wolves, would stay fully protected inside park boundaries.

Removal of protections for wolves in Montana and Idaho has allowed hundreds of wolves to be killed this year through hunting and management by the Orwellian predator-killing agency known as "Wildlife Services." 

Please tell the Obama administration it must not take away protection for Wyoming’s wolves when they so urgently need it.

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Please take action by Jan. 13, 2012.

Photo of gray wolf © Gary Wilson.

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