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Tell President Obama: Keep Big Oil Out of the Arctic Ocean

Gray Wolf
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Royal Dutch Shell has big plans to drill for oil in America's Arctic next summer. Through lawsuits and advocacy, the Center for Biological Diversity has managed to hold the corporation back so far, but the pressure is mounting. The Obama government recently gave its support to a massive, Bush-era oil and gas lease sale in the Arctic's Chukchi Sea; now the Interior Department is barreling ahead with plans to let Shell drill in this incredibly sensitive habitat.

The Chukchi Sea is teeming with life. Its sea ice provides a home for polar bears, walruses and beautiful ribbon seals. But life is getting harder in the Chukchi: Ice is disappearing rapidly, the ocean is acidifying, and massive storms are battering coastlines that used to be protected by ice. President Obama should be doing everything in his power to protect the Chukchi Sea; instead, he seems to be selling it to the highest bidder.

Shell has no realistic plan to deal with an oil spill in the Arctic Ocean. If there were a blowout there, oil could flow for months into the icy, Arctic waters, hurting or killing whales, polar bears, seals, birds and others.

Tell President Obama we don't need more dirty energy, and the Chukchi Sea is too valuable to sacrifice so that multinational corporations can push us closer to climate catastrophe.

Tell President Obama to say no to Royal Dutch Shell; then tell all your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

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Photo of polar bears © Pete Spruance.

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