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Protect Polar Bears, Whales and Sea Turtles From Oil Spills

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The United States is planning to expand ocean drilling in the next five years; the plan takes us backward and is a disaster for wildlife and the climate. Please use the form below and take action to reject it.

The Obama administration's new plan for ocean drilling will divvy up the waters off the Alaskan coast among oil companies for risky exploratory drilling. This pristine marine ecosystem is home to incredible, sensitive wildlife -- polar bears, ice seals and walruses -- and its remote, ice-packed and stormy waters are also the most dangerous to drill. Even the Coast Guard admits there is zero oil spill response capacity in the Arctic Ocean.  

Obama's plan also endangers the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf is still reeling from long-term impacts -- including a dead zone -- from the BP oil spill.

More than 600 whales and dolphins have been stranded in the Gulf, and hundreds of dead sea turtles have washed ashore. The damage is still being studied, and restoration is just beginning. It’s absurd for the United States to offer leases of the remaining waters, including deep waters and sensitive portions off the eastern coast.

We need to shift to clean energy that will keep us safe from both spills and climate change. Send your comments now to tell President Obama: No more risky drilling in our oceans.

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Please take action by February 8, 2012.

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