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Tell President Obama: Don't Endorse Keystone XL

Keystone 1
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Disappointing tens of thousands of Americans who strongly oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, President Barack Obama just visited Cushing, Okla., to endorse the southern leg of the tar-sands pipeline, which will transport dirty crude to Gulf Coast refineries for global export. The president's support for the pipeline's expedited construction comes despite severe risks to our air, water and wildlife that have never been fully vetted under U.S. environmental law.

This leg of pipeline would be the first step down the road to making the deadly Keystone XL project a reality.

According to TransCanada's own documents, the southern segment will be used in the near-term to export U.S.-produced oil -- but TransCanada would ultimately use the southern leg to move tar-sands oil to the Gulf Coast for refining and export. This southern addition would add to our fossil fuel infrastructure just when it's critical to move away from dirty energy to avoid climate catastrophe.

As with Keystone 1, the Gulf Coast leg of Keystone XL will spill, polluting land and water and ruining vital habitat for endangered species like the whooping crane, piping plover, American burying beetle and Arkansas River shiner.

Please tell President Obama to honor his promises and stop supporting this anchor of the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Photo of Keystone 1 pipeline courtesy Flickr Commons/shannonpatrick17.

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