Take Extinction Off Your Plate

Pledge to Take Extinction Off Your Plate


Meat production is one of the planet's largest causes of environmental degradation and most significant threats to wildlife.

And the problem is rapidly getting worse: Production of beef, poultry, pork and other meat products tripled between 1980 and 2010 and will likely double again by 2020. This increasing meat consumption in a world of more than 7 billion people is already taking a staggering toll on wildlife, habitat, water resources, air quality and the climate. Meanwhile, Americans eat more meat per capita than almost any other country in the world.

By signing the pledge below to reduce meat consumption by one-third or more, we can start to take extinction off our plates. Join the Center for Biological Diversity's Earth-friendly Diet Campaign today.

Already a vegetarian? Then you're a valuable wildlife advocate who can help others join the movement. Spread the word by taking the pledge today and asking your friends to sign.

Protect wildlife -- pledge today to eat an Earth-friendly diet.

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17922 1 hour ago carmen stevenson london, ot , GB
17921 1 hour ago carmen stevenson london, ot , GB
17920 5 hours ago Miriam Amari Woodstock, NY , US
17919 9 hours ago Amanda Mikalson Farmington, WA , US
17918 12 hours ago Alberta Householder Saint Petersburg, FL , US
17917 13 hours ago Lisa Nichols Attleboro, MA , US
17916 16 hours ago Anonymous easton, PA , US
17915 18 hours ago Jackie Tulli Colorado Springs, CO , US
17914 19 hours ago Wyman Whipple Dahinda, IL , US
17913 19 hours ago Ted Williams Ralls, TX , US
17912 19 hours ago Alexandr Yantselovskiy Vyshneve, ot , UA
17911 21 hours ago Melanie Sherwinski Chicago , IL , US
17910 21 hours ago Daniel Tham singapore, ot , SG
17909 22 hours ago Jill Klein Melbourne Beach, FL , US
17908 22 hours ago Mark Mihaly Jacksonville, FL , US
17907 22 hours ago Holli DuShane Toledo, OH , US
17906 23 hours ago Jennifer Bock Tallahassee, FL , US
17905 1 day ago Benita Combet Bern, ot , CH
17904 1 day ago Elke Glavan Altlussheim 68804, ot , DE
17903 1 day ago Sharon Sheets Gainesville, FL , US
17902 1 day ago peggy tallyn wilton manors, FL , US
17901 1 day ago Jamie Conrad San Leandro, CA , US
17900 1 day ago Nancy Fowler Foster, RI , US
17899 1 day ago Frank Insana Phoenix, AZ , US
17898 1 day ago Mitzi Buchanan Los Gatos, CA , US
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