Save the Polar Bear

Save the Polar Bear

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Polar bears are dying. As global warming accelerates, the sea ice they depend on for survival is literally melting away. Bears are starving and drowning as they have to swim farther and farther to reach solid ice. Some are even turning to cannibalism in a desperate search for food. Those trapped on land hundreds of miles from the nearest ice often wander near villages in search of food and are shot.

Two-thirds of all polar bears -- including all bears in Alaska -- could be extinct by 2050 if current trends continue. The rest of the species could be gone by the end of the century.

But it's not too late to save the polar bear if we join together and take immediate action. The science is clear: We know what needs to be done -- we just need to build the political support to do it.

Please sign the petition below urging President Obama to rein in global warming and save the polar bear now.

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21434 14 minutes ago Gail Landy Gaithersdburg, MD , US
21433 17 minutes ago Emmy Josephs Hopewell Jct.,, NY , US
21432 31 minutes ago riitta hietanen toronto, ON , CA
21431 1 hour ago Claudia Stoeferle Obermarchtal, ot , DE
21430 2 hours ago Killian Hutt Edmonton, AB , CA
21429 2 hours ago Jazmin Valkenburg Medicine Hat , AB , CA
21428 2 hours ago Kyle Taylor Goodyear , AZ , US
21427 4 hours ago annie belt san jose, CA , US
21426 4 hours ago Melissa Kallis Medicine Hat , AB , CA
21425 5 hours ago Anonymous Evergreen, CO , US
21424 5 hours ago C. Morgan McNeil Beverly Hills, CA , US
21423 6 hours ago Sylvianne Diquélou Paris, ot , FR
21422 7 hours ago Clare Lynam NYC, NY , US
21421 8 hours ago Daniel Tham Singapore, ot , SG
21420 8 hours ago Anonymous Rome, ot , IT
21419 12 hours ago Amy Girouard New Iberia, LA , US
21418 13 hours ago Jovita Prinz Las PAlmas, AL , ES
21417 15 hours ago Adrian Solorio Palmdale, CA , US
21416 16 hours ago nancy morgan Indian Wells, CA , US
21415 18 hours ago Frank Ayers Hollidaysburg, PA , US
21414 20 hours ago Elizabeth Sesma San Francisco, CA , US
21413 21 hours ago Nancy Rowehl Hauppauge , NY , US
21412 22 hours ago Lupe Sesma San Jose, CA , US
21411 23 hours ago Kathleen MacLaren Somerville, MA , US
21410 23 hours ago Kathleen MacLaren Somerville, MA , US
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Photo of polar bears by Larry Masters.

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