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Save Idaho Wildlife: Stop the Predator Derby

Gray wolf
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Idaho is at it again. A misnamed group called Idaho for Wildlife is asking the BLM for permission to use millions of acres of public land for a three-day "predator derby" this winter.

Unbelievably, the BLM is actually considering the request -- so we need your help to halt this deadly event before it gets approved.

The group aims to gather 500 people to slaughter as many predators as they can -- including wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, bears, foxes, bobcats and even weasels -- near Salmon, Idaho this winter. And, at the end of the three days, cash prizes will be awarded to whoever kills the largest wolf and whoever bags the most coyotes.

The kill-fest comes as scientists increasingly worry about killing off predators because they're an incredibly important part of maintaining these wild landscapes.

Worse still, there are some shady connections between Idaho for Wildlife and private interests hoping to use revenues from the derby as bounty fees for those who kill wolves in Idaho year-round.

We need your help to make sure this wildlife derby of death doesn't happen. Help us stop these contests now by urging BLM to deny the predator derby's permit application.

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Please take action by Dec. 1, 2014.

Photo of gray wolf courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Bernard Landgraf.

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