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Help Save This Rare California Wildflower

Lassics lupine

The Lassics lupine is a rare alpine flower found in only two spots in the Six Rivers National Forest in Northern California. In late summer its pink petals stand in sharp contrast to the barren slopes where it grows. But sadly this could be the flower's very last summer if the Forest Service doesn't act quickly to prevent its extinction.

As the climate on the talus slopes has become harsher, the dry conditions have increased seed predation and allowed chaparral to encroach. For the flower to survive, the Forest Service needs to cage the remaining plants and remove the chaparral -- but so far the agency hasn't made a move.

In January 2016 the Center petitioned for emergency Endangered Species Act protection for the lupine, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has also failed to act.

So please -- write to the Forest Service today and ask it to take action this summer to save the lupine, and we'll send your letter to the Fish and Wildlife Service repeating our call for safeguards.

Please take action by July 31, 2017.

Photo of Lassics lupine by David Imper.

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