Tell Albertsons to Commit to Cutting Food Waste
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Tell Albertsons to Commit to Cutting Food Waste

Food waste

Every year 40 percent of the edible food produced in the United States is thrown away, wasting 25 percent of the country's fresh water, 80 million acres of land, and 3 billion tons of carbon emissions that went into making those products.

Grocery stores, where most of us get our food, have a tremendous role to play in reducing this embarrassing waste and lessening the impacts of our agricultural systems on wildlife.

That's why the Center is now asking Albertsons -- one of the country's largest grocers, which also owns mega-chains like Safeway, Lucky and Vons -- to commit to cutting its food waste in half by 2020 and publicly report its progress.

Albertsons claims to be committed to food waste reduction, yet without accurate reporting, there's no way for customers and investors to know whether the store is meeting its goals. And while Albertsons does divert about half of its food waste from the landfill through donation and composting programs, the only way to effectively minimize the environmental harms caused by such waste is to prevent it altogether.

Please sign our petition urging Albertsons to protect endangered wildlife, clean air and water, and healthy habitats by improving transparency around food waste and committing to cut its own in half by 2020.

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Please take action by April 2, 2018.

Photo of food waste courtesy USDA.

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