Time Is Running Out for Vaquitas — Can You Help?
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Time Is Running Out for Vaquitas — Can You Help?


Fewer than 30 vaquitas are left in Mexico's northern Gulf of California. And experts have said that if the Mexican government doesn't quickly enact a permanent ban on the use of all gillnets, the vaquita will be extinct in less than two years.

For decades this small porpoise has been killed in gillnets used to catch shrimp for sale in the United States. And more recently, vaquitas have died in gillnets used to illegally catch totoaba, an endangered fish whose swim bladder is prized in Asia.

You can shift the tide for vaquitas. Using the form on this page, urge Amazon to join the growing list of retailers refusing to buy or sell Mexican shrimp until a real and permanent gillnet ban is implemented and enforced.

In June Mexico announced a rule to rein in gillnet fishing in the vaquita's range. But it isn't enough. The plan exempts two fisheries from a full ban and fails to halt the possession, sale and manufacture of these nets in the region.
There's still time to save vaquitas. Just last week Trader Joe's agreed to join the Mexican shrimp boycott. Tell Amazon to sign on too and help keep up the pressure.

Please take action by Nov. 10,  2017.

Learn more about the Boycott Mexican Shrimp campaign.

Photo of vaquitas by Paula Olson/NOAA.

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