Tell the EPA to Regulate Factory Farms
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Tell the EPA to Regulate Factory Farms

Agricultural waste

Industrial animal agriculture is one of the biggest threats to safe, clean water for people and wildlife. But although the Environmental Protection Agency acknowledges that factory farms are a leading source of water pollution, it allows most of them to operate without a Clean Water Act permit.

Industrially raised meat, dairy and egg operations produce massive amounts of polluting waste. Pollutants in the waste include antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, nutrients, salts, heavy metals and other trace elements, as well as more than 150 pathogens associated with human health risks. Factory farms have already polluted more than 35,000 miles of our rivers, contaminated groundwater, and imperiled wetlands, lakes and estuaries -- as well as the species that depend on these habitats.

Animal agriculture operations must be brought into the Clean Water Act permitting program to protect people, wildlife and the environment.

Using the form on this page, urge the EPA to protect safe and clean water by regulating factory farms.

Please take action by July 2, 2018.

Photo of agricultural waste courtesy USDA.

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