Rein in Off-road Recklessness in California
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Rein in Off-road Recklessness in California

ORV damage

California's Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Program is badly in need of modernizing. Our skies are too often filled with noise and dirt. And joyriders are running roughshod over plants, animals and other precious resources, leaving scars on our deserts and forests.

Thankfully state Senator Ben Allen (D-District 26) has just introduced California Senate Bill 249 to move important reforms forward and see that this program is managed in the future by our state parks officials for the benefit of all Californians. Please join us in supporting this new legislation.  

As it now runs, the state's OHV-recreation program is highly permissive and does nothing to rein in well-documented harms to air and water quality, soils, plants or animals -- much of which occur in State Vehicle Recreation Areas and on federal public lands. What's more, our state gas-tax funds go directly to the program with little oversight, and this money is being used to promote increased recreation with little thought to the environmental costs. That must change.

Using the form on this page, ask your state senator to support Sen. Allen's bill and this important step toward rational, transparent policies that will protect the resources of our state parks and public lands.

Please take action by Oct. 15, 2017.

Photo of ORV-caused environmental damage by Chris Kassar.

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