Stop Tar Sands Extraction in Utah
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Stop Tar Sands Extraction in Utah

Athabascan oil sands

Asphalt Ridge in Utah is on its way to becoming the first large-scale tar sands extraction site in the United States -- unless we stop the Bureau of Land Management from leasing the land to foreign oil companies.

If the project gets the green light, a Canadian corporation hopes to begin producing tar sands from a pilot facility in the Asphalt Ridge deposit near Vernal, Utah. And that's only the beginning: The company plans to ramp up production to commercial levels if funding is secured. The extraction and burning of tar sands oil would destroy wildlife habitat and contribute to the climate crisis.

The BLM's facilitation of dirty tar sands production on our federal public lands is irresponsible and directly at odds with the need to shift quickly from fossil fuel dependence to clean, renewable resources.

Urge the BLM to deny tar sands leasing at Asphalt Ridge.

Please take action by Nov. 19, 2018.

Photo of Athabasca oil sands courtesy Flickr/Shell.

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