Say No to Traps on Public Lands
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Say No to Traps on Public Lands

Red fox

Cruel and dangerous traps have no place on lands set aside for conservation and recreation — like the millions of acres within national forests and wildlife refuges. But right now government and commercial trappers are allowed to place inhumane traps throughout our public lands, putting both wild and domesticated animals at risk.

Help remove traps from our federal lands. Urge your representative to cosponsor the Limiting Inhumane Federal Trapping (LIFT) Act.

Government trappers target animals like wolves, coyotes, bears and mountain lions even though research has shown that eradicating these key predator species — and hurting ecosystems in the process — doesn't even protect livestock. Commercial trappers also use our federal lands to kill foxes, beavers and other animals for their fur. And traps don't discriminate between victims: If hidden along popular trails or waterways, they can capture and kill pets, too.

Using the form on this page, send a letter to your representative. Tell them to cosponsor the LIFT Act (H.R. 1727), which would help stop this unnecessary killing and promote broader use of nonlethal predator-control methods.

Please take action by March 19, 2018.

Photo of red fox by Alan D. Wilson/Nature's Pics Online.

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