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Make Your Own Video to Stop Arctic Drilling

Stop Arctic Drilling

We want to see how you would say "no" to Arctic oil drilling on video. Make protecting the Arctic personal -- make your own short movie about it. Then send it to us and we'll deliver the videos we receive to President Barack Obama in our Stop Arctic Drilling Video Blitz (example movie to the right).

This summer, oil drilling could spoil the pristine Arctic Ocean, home to polar bears, walruses and bowhead whales. Shell has all the approved plans and most of the permits it needs to start exploratory drilling. In the ice-choked waters of the Arctic, an oil spill would be next to impossible to clean up, but even without an accident, drilling is still a climate catastrophe: It will tap a reservoir of up to 11 billion tons of greenhouse pollution.

Tell President Obama to save the Arctic from oil drilling.

It's easy. Here’s all you need to do:
(1) Make a short, 30-second video with your message (download a pdf file of our "No" sign here).
(2) Upload that movie to YouTube.
(3) Send a link to us at

You have until March 20 to join in a groundswell of support for our Arctic waters before Shell sinks its drills in July.

Click here to see our growing Video Blitz.

When you watch the videos on our webpage, and let us know which ones you like so we can edit the cream of the crop and deliver the videos to the president.

Please take action by March 20, 2012.

Learn more about Arctic drilling at our campaign page, Stop Arctic Drilling.

Please note that sumission of your video authorizes the Center for Biological Diversity to use it for the Stop Arctic Drilling campaign.