Center for Biological Diversity
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Happy Endangered Species Day. We hope you'll join with us in celebrating the remarkable success of the Endangered Species Act.

This year, there's extra reason to celebrate: This is the 40th year of the Act.

Throughout 2013, the Center for Biological Diversity is hosting a campaign to honor the Act, which has spared extinction for 99 percent of the species under its care and put hundreds of imperiled plants and animals on the road to recovery.

Yet even as the Act has repeatedly saved imperiled animals and plants, industry-influenced politicians have repeatedly tried to undermine it, putting profit over protection.

So to help show how effective the Endangered Species Act is and to help keep it that way, this Endangered Species Day the Center has produced four free e-postcards for you to share with your friends. Each features a species that's benefitted from the Act's protection: the loggerhead sea turtle, American bald eagle, black-footed ferret and southern sea otter.

Send these cards to all the folks you know, then take more action online and visit our brand-new Wild Success Web page, where you can find species success stories in your area using our interactive map and write a letter to the editor to further spread the word.

Happy Endangered Species Day 2013 from the Center for Biological Diversity.