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Keystone XL: Yes We Did!

Keystone XL: Yes We Did!

Victory! President Obama just rejected the Keystone XL pipeline. This is a huge win for our climate, wildlife and the millions of you who raised your voices against this disastrous project.

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Then, take a moment and send a tweet to President Obama, thanking him for standing up for a livable climate and rejecting this dangerous, dirty pipeline.

    • Thanks @POTUS for protecting #polarbears, #people and a livable #climate by rejecting #KeystoneXL! #NoKXL

    • Victory for the #climate, victory for the people! Thanks @POTUS for rejecting #KeystoneXL! #NoKXL

    • Thank you @POTUS for showing real #climate leadership and rejecting #KeystoneXL! #NoKXL

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We did it!