Center for Biological Diversity

Yes! I pledge to be a Clean Air Advocate and help ensure that one of our cornerstone environmental laws — the Clean Air Act — is used urgently and ambitiously to curb global warming and won’t be diluted by hostile politicians or weak compromises this year.

I understand that the Environmental Protection Agency has taken some initial steps toward curbing greenhouse pollution under the Act, but these rules are, or will likely be, under legal attack by industry special-interest groups and backward-looking states.

As a Clean Air Advocate, I’ll counter attacks on the Clean Air Act and push the feds to use this crucial law to solve our most pressing environmental crisis. I'll help the Center through activities like getting my city to pass a resolution in support of using the Clean Air Act to curb global warming, taking action online, putting pressure on decision-makers, meeting with congressional representatives, talking strategy during phone briefings and spreading the word in my community. We can't afford half-measures or more delayed action, so I’ll do my part to combat the looming crisis of our warming planet.

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Photo courtesy Flickr Commons/Luke Bears.