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Fracking rig
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Hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," is a dangerous oil-and-gas drilling technique that threatens California's water, air, public health, endangered wildlife and climate. Fracking is set to expand, even though it routinely employs toxic chemicals like benzene, fuels climate change and increases the risk of earthquakes.

Fracking also emits methane -- a highly potent greenhouse gas -- and opens up new areas for fossil fuel development when a rapid transition to clean and renewable energy should be our number-one priority.

Sign up below to become a fractivist with the Center and help safeguard California from this dangerous and poorly regulated form of oil and gas production. If you're a resident of California, the Center wants to work with you to ban fracking in your state. We'll help provide you with materials, speakers, strategies and support in all your anti-fracking activism.

Check out our Take-action Toolbox to ban fracking.

Photo of fracking rig courtesy Flickr/Jeremy Buckingham.