Center for Biological Diversity

Volunteer to Distribute Free Endangered Species Condoms for Earth Day

Endangered species condoms
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Help us celebrate Earth Day by joining the Center for Biological Diversity's Endangered Species Condom project to distribute free condoms that feature six endangered species threatened by runaway human population growth.

The Center distributes thousands of condoms every year, through our Population and Sustainability Program, to spotlight the toll human population growth and overconsumption are taking on our planet. Sign up below to receive condoms and help educate people across the country about how endangered species -- from Ozark hellbenders to Florida panthers -- are affected by our rapidly growing human population.

The sign-up deadline is Thursday, March 27. Make sure you let us know about your Earth Day event and how you'll use the condoms to help educate people about the link between unsustainable growth and biodiversity loss.

Note: Because of the enthusiastic response to this campaign, we won't be able to provide condoms for all events. You'll be added to our volunteer distribution list and contacted for future distribution events. Thank you very much for your support of this critical campaign.

The deadline to signup to distribute Endangered Species condoms this holiday season has passed. Due to the high volume of requests, we're not able to send condoms to everyone who signs up. Click here to join our volunteer distribution network.