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Fear Extinction?
Become a Condom Volunteer for Halloween

Endangered species condoms
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Bats, snakes and spiders are more than just Halloween stand-ins for spookiness -- they're real, live creatures threatened by the real, live growth of our own human population and overconsumption.

That's why we invite you, this Halloween, to be part of the Center for Biological Diversity's Endangered Species Condom project, helping us distribute free condoms featuring six endangered species most threatened by our unsustainable numbers and lifestyle.

We'll be passing out the condoms in some of America's scariest towns. So if you or someone you know lives in one of the following cities, sign up now: San Francisco, Calif.; Portland, Ore.; Galveston, Texas; Chicago, Ill.; New Orleans, La.; Athens, Ohio; Savannah, Ga.; Charleston, S.C.; Gettysburg, Pa.; Baltimore, Md.; Washington, D.C.; Salem, Mass.

Here's how it works:

The condoms are distributed for free through the Center's volunteer network nationwide and at specific times of the year.

Because we get so many requests, we're not able to send condoms to everyone who signs up. The more you tell us about your ideas for cool events and opportunities to engage people in conversation about human population and endangered species, the easier it is for us to make sure the condoms are sent where they can have the greatest impact.

Sign up now using the form below to join our volunteer distributor network. The deadline to sign up for our Halloween distribution is Friday, Oct. 3.