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Channel Islands National ParkChannel Islands National Park

Yes! Count me in on the fight to protect California coasts from reckless offshore drilling and fracking.

The Trump administration has promised the wealthiest corporations on the planet unfettered access to oil and gas deposits under our oceans. If they get their way, our coastlines will become ground zero for oil spills, leak-prone pipelines, fracking wastewater dumps and air pollution.

Join our fight to block new offshore drilling in California.

Coastal cities can serve as powerful voices prompting action in Washington. You can work in your community to stop Trump's plan to take us back to the bad old days of "drill, baby, drill." Sign up with the Center for Biological Diversity and we'll help you connect with other activists in your city to pass a resolution calling for an end to offshore drilling and fracking, pressure decision-makers, meet with congressional representatives, write letters to the editor, and spread the word in your community.

There's never been a more critical time to stand up for healthy oceans, clean beaches and a stable climate. Using the form below, join our effort to protect our coasts from devastation at the hands of the fossil fuel industry.

Photo of Channel Islands National Park by Blake Kopcho/Center for Biological Diversity.