Center for     Biological     Diversity   

Channel Islands National Park

The Center for Biological Diversity is building the resistance in California to protect all coasts from the destruction that comes with offshore drilling. From L.A. and Malibu to Santa Barbara, Oakland and Arcata, more than a dozen cities have already joined the fight by passing local resolutions opposing offshore drilling and fracking. But to win, we need you to help us get 100 resolutions passed by the end of the year.

Watch our short video, then sign up below to be part of our bold campaign to defend our coast.

Coastal cities can serve as powerful voices prompting action in Washington, and you can work in your community to stop Trump's plan to take us back to the bad old days of "drill, baby, drill."

Once you sign up, we'll help you connect with other activists in your city to pass a resolution against offshore drilling, pressure decision-makers, meet with congressional representatives, write letters to the editor, and spread the word in your community.

Video courtesy Center for Biological Diversity.