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Pick the 2017 Rubber Dodo Award Winner — Vote by Midnight, Nov. 15

It's time to pick the most outrageous eco-villain of 2017 — fill out the form at the bottom of the page to cast your vote. For 10 years we've given out the Rubber Dodo annually to spotlight those who are destroying wild places, driving species extinct and tearing down the planet's life-support system. Named after the most famous extinct species on Earth, this award does not come with a cash prize.

Previous recipients of our faux-accolade include Utah Congressman Rob Bishop (2016), Monsanto (2015), USDA's Wildlife Services (2014), the Koch Brothers (2013), Sen. James Inhofe (2012), BP's Tony Hayward (2010) and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (2008).

Trump felt a little too easy, so we're digging deeper into the White House cabinet and a far-right Congress determined to do everything they can to undermine wildlife, public health and the planet.

The 2017 nominees are (drumroll please):

It's time to pick the most outrageous eco-villain of 2017. The Center for Biological Diversity established the Rubber Dodo Award in 2007 to spotlight those who do their very best (i.e. worst) to destroy the environment.

Scott Pruitt
Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator: Climate-science denier Pruitt makes no bones about his allegiance to the fossil fuel industry and did his utmost this year to commit the planet to a dangerous, even apocalyptic climate-change future. He's squelched virtually every EPA-led initiative to clean up our air and water and reduce carbon, muzzled scientists who try to speak out; verbally attacked journalists, and even scrubbed the word climate from government websites.

Ryan Zinke
Ryan Zinke, Interior Secretary: This cowboy-hat wearing enemy of endangered species earned a 3 percent score from the League of Conservation Voters as a congressman and has done even more to squander and despoil wildlife and wildlands in his new job. He's already denied protections for species like the Pacific walrus, recommended slashing protections for national monuments and is gearing up for even more oil and gas drilling on our public lands.

Sonny Perdue
Sonny Perdue, Agriculture Secretary: As Georgia governor, Perdue undermined minimum-wage workers and immigrant families while failing to tackle urgent environmental problems. One of his first moves as Trump's agriculture secretary was to roll back health requirements in the national school lunch program. Obese children and carbon-intensive junk foods? Sonny says: Sure! His move to cut school-meal budgets by $1.2 billion yearly could up healthcare costs by $6 billion.

Rob Bishop
Rob Bishop (R-Utah): Not content with his 2016 Rubber Dodo victory, Utah Rep. Rob Bishop is apparently trying for a twofer, doubling down on his execrable environmental record of trying to despoil federal public lands by calling for the extinction of America's endangered wildlife. "I would be happy to invalidate the Endangered Species Act," boasted Bishop, whose attacks on the Act have only escalated this year.

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Photo credits: Scott Pruitt by Gage Skidmore/Flickr; Ryan Zinke courtesy Department of the Interior; Sonny Perdue courtesy USDA; Rob Bishop by AFGE/Flickr.

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