Center for Biological Diversity

Preserve Tejon Ranch as a new Natural Park

Please take action today to help preserve southern California's largest and most valuable unprotected natural area, Tejon Ranch.

Located between Los Angeles and Bakersfield near the Interstate 5 "Grapevine," the 271,000-acre Tejon Ranch embodies a diverse, natural California landscape and is home to the critically endangered California condor. From ancient oak groves to forests of Joshua trees and Pinyon pines, Tejon Ranch represents the quintessential California natural landscape. Tejon also contains many Native American cultural and sacred sites and is steeped in California history.

The current property owner, Tejon Ranch Company, is aggressively pursuing construction of a series of large-scale developments that would become the cornerstone for unchecked urban sprawl from Los Angeles to Bakersfield to Lancaster. The developments would carve out Tejon's natural heart, jeopardize the California condor, and bring bulldozers, smog and gridlock to one of southern California's last, relatively untouched rural landscapes.

To preserve Tejon's natural and cultural heritage for future generations, the Center for Biological Diversity is campaigning for the protection of Tejon Ranch as a new National Park or State Park.

Because of its unique natural resources including intact habitats, healthy watersheds, critical wildlife corridors, majestic scenery and unpolluted streams, Tejon Ranch should be the state's highest priority for protection of private wildlands. Located within 40 miles of the largest population center in the state, Tejon Ranch is an ideal location for a new natural park. Please support the purchase and the creation of a 245,000-acre Tejon National Park or State Park, to be managed for wildlife habitat, landscape connectivity and low impact recreation.

Your message will be sent to Sen. Barbara Boxer, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California's Speaker of the Assembly and the California Senate President Pro Tempore.

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