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Tell the EPA to Stand Firm in Restricting Mountaintop Removal

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For the past 30 years coal companies have decimated Appalachia while the federal government has turned a blind eye. Nearly a quarter of the land in some counties has been permitted for surface coal mining. Mountaintop removal is a horrific method of mining in which the top third of a mountain is literally blasted to bits and then dumped directly into nearby streams, poisoning both wildlife and human communities.

In April the EPA took an unprecedented step toward reining in coal polluters by issuing draft guidelines that would reduce negative water quality impacts from mountaintop removal. But now the EPA is under political and legal attack from coal companies and politicians who are profiting from the destruction. Please click on the link below to tell the EPA not to back down from the proposed restrictions on mountaintop removal.

Pro-coal supporters are flooding the EPA with comments, so your voice is desperately needed to protect Appalachia from further destruction.
We can't let Big Coal and their lobbyists and front groups frighten the EPA into backing down. Please take action today.

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Please submit comments by December 1, 2010.

Mountaintop removal photo (c) Vivian Stockman, Southwings.

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