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Change Rattlesnake Roundups to Humane Festivals

Each year thousands of rattlesnakes are removed from the wild and killed at "rattlesnake roundups." Rattlesnakes play a key role in the food web, maintaining balance in nature by preying on rodents, but hunting of snakes for roundups is pushing some species toward extinction.

Please sign this petition asking communities to change their roundups to festivals where snakes are not hunted or killed.

Several communities have already changed their roundups to wildlife-appreciation festivals, which generate important income for the communities and educate the public about the importance of saving native species, not slaughtering them.

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65177 17 hours ago Charlotte Gardiner Virginia, VA , US
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65175 1 day ago terri pigford OH, OH , US
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65173 2 days ago Phil Osborne Cincinnati, OH , UM
65172 2 days ago Polly Cockrill ME, ME , US
65171 3 days ago liberty michaels new paltz, NY , US
65170 3 days ago Maureen Fudger Lisle, NY , US
65169 3 days ago Maureen Fudger Lisle, NY , US
65168 3 days ago Virgil Dahl Waterloo, IA , US
65167 3 days ago abigail andrade SP, ot , BR
65166 3 days ago Sylviane Mahaux Boynton Beach, FL , US
65165 3 days ago JANE KELLEY IA, IA , US
65164 3 days ago sara sexton TX, TX , US
65163 3 days ago Andi Delorenzo Setauket, NY , US
65162 3 days ago Chantal Geest State *, ot , BE
65161 3 days ago Lary McKee Oregon, OR , US
65160 3 days ago ARLEN TUCKER atlanta, GA , US
65159 3 days ago Anonymous NY, NY , US
65158 3 days ago Natalia Kuznetsova Shchekino, ot , RU
65157 3 days ago Valentina Morbini Gardone V.T., ot , IT
65156 4 days ago Denise Wilson Malvern, PA , US
65155 4 days ago Richard Polley Washington, WA , US
65154 4 days ago Karsten Mueller Santa Cruz, CA , US
65153 4 days ago Stephen Alley CO, CO , US
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Learn more about the Center's work to outlaw rattlesnake roundups.

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Great Basin rattlesnake (c) Cassie Holmgren.

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