Center for Biological Diversity
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The U.S. Senate set aside the third Friday of May as Endangered Species Day to promote the conservation of wildlife, fish and plants threatened with extinction. But endangered species need our help every day. So if you want to make today Endangered Species Day, please take two minutes and send your friends e-postcards reminding them that many animals and plants everywhere, from the flashy greater sage grouse to the warty boreal toad, are in trouble — and that if we all pull together, we can save them. The Center for Biological Diversity and its supporters (like you) have already put a long list of needy plants and animals on the road to recovery, but there’s always a lot more work to be done.

After you're finished sending postcards, take another few minutes to take action. The Center has an online Take Action page where you can sign up for email alerts, find out about local events, share actions, learn about people working for conservation across the country and get tips on other things you can do to help save species.

You and your friends can help offline, too, through activities like attending public meetings, organizing events, writing to your local newspaper — and just spreading the word about how important it is to safeguard rare species and the last wild places they call home.

So go ahead and celebrate Endangered Species Day now: Give yourself a pat on the back for all you’ve done so far, then keep on doing it.

Go to the Center’s website to learn more about our campaigns to save the species in the postcards below: the Hawaiian monk seal, boreal toad, piping plover and sage grouse.

Click on an image to send an Endangered Species Day postcard.